CAP Cadet Flys a Full-Motion Apache Simulator

The Civil Air Patrol Cadet Program

Civil Air Patrol’s Cadet Program is a year-round opportunity for Capital Region teens ages 12 to 18. Learn about opportunities in the program in our page For Teens and For Parents.

CAP Develops Leadership Skills

Civil Air Patrol develops youth through self-paced study of the art of leadership. Cadets learn how to lead through formal classroom instruction and a laboratory of hands-on experience where they apply leadership principles to real-world challenges within the cadet corps. Through a graduated curriculum, cadets first learn to follow, then to lead small groups, and ultimately experience command and executive-level leadership, earning cadet grade and honors along the way. Topics include how to think critically, communicate effectively, make decisions, motivate and manage conflict. Self-discipline and teamwork are emphasized.

CAP Develops Responsible Citizens

Civil Air Patrol inspires youth to be responsible citizens. Cadets serve their communities by helping with CAP’s real-world humanitarian efforts. Additionally, cadets gain an appreciation for America’s role in the global community by serving as goodwill ambassadors abroad or hosting aviation-minded youth from around the world. During visits to Washington, D.C., cadets display their respect for America and commitment to public service. Responsible citizenship is the cornerstone of cadet life.

CAP Develops Character

Civil Air Patrol emboldens youth, challenging them to live the cadet ethic of integrity and to embrace timeless values. CAP develops character in youth through formal values education and informal mentoring as moral dilemmas arise in cadets’ lives. Our youth are the proud cadets of the U.S. Air Force Auxiliary, eager to demonstrate their core values.

CAP Develops a Love of Science and Aviation

Civil Air Patrol cadets experience flight firsthand through the efforts of CAP adult volunteers, aviation enthusiasts eager to share their love of flying. Often, it is through CAP that a young person receives the first flight of his or her life. Aviation education is delivered in both the classroom and the cockpit. Cadets gain an understanding of the complex forces that cause an aircraft to achieve lift and other fundamental topics such as navigation, engines and aerospace history.

CAP Promotes Better Careers

Civil Air Patrol introduces youth to leadership roles and high-tech careers. America needs today’s generation of youth to become tomorrow’s aviators, engineers, technicians, CEO’s, and entrepreneurs. CAP helps protect America’s aerospace supremacy by introducing cadets to careers through summer camps, job shadowing, and mentoring opportunities with today’s aero professionals.

Learn More

Find out more about joining the Civil Air Patrol Cadet Program in Concord For Teens or For Parents, or read the Strategic Overview of Civil Air Patrol Cadet Programs.  You can also visit our National Headquarters website or contact our squadron for additional information.