Resources for Squadron Cadets

Welcome Cadets!  Here you can find many of the resources you’ll need to use as a cadet in our squadron. If you have questions, contact your Flight Sergeant first.

Meeting Information

The squadron meets weekly on Thursday nights from 6:30 to 9pm at the NH Army National Guard Armory in Concord. Your Flight Sergeant will have the most up-to-date information about upcoming meeting activities, what to bring, and what uniform to wear. However, generally, the cadet meetings follow this rough schedule. See the Squadron Calendar for more detailed information for each meeting night.

Night Activity Uniform
1st Safety – Drill & Ceremonies – Promotions Blues
2nd Physical Fitness Testing and/or PT Training PT
3rd Character Devl – Mission-Focused Tng (ES/AE, etc) BDU/ABU
4th Mission Focused Training – Promotion Boards BDU/ABU
5th (if any) Varies/TBD based on needs BDU/ABU

Achievements & Progressing

In order to advance in the program, earn promotions, and opportunities to take on staff positions within the squadron, you need to study your cadet materials, take exams, participate at the squadron, pass PT, and meet certain requirements.  The squadron promotes cadets once per month, on the first meeting night of the month.

Stripes to Diamonds — This site shows everything you need for every promotion from your first stripe all the way up to Cadet Colonel.
Learn to Lead — This is the leadership textbook you need to study.
Online Tests — To promote, you need to take the test for your next achievement here. These tests are open-book and un-timed. You must score at least 80% to pass.


If you need help with putting your uniform together correctly, you can consult these resources or ask other more experienced cadets in your flight, or your flight sergeant. Our squadron expects all cadets to keep their uniforms clean, pressed, and properly put together. Look your best.

Quick Uniform Posters – The basics of putting everything on your uniforms correctly is contained on these uniform posters.
CAPM 39-1: The Civil Air Patrol Uniform Manual — The full uniform manual contains everything you need to know about wearing your uniforms, down to the smallest details.
CAP Transition to the Airman Battle Uniform (4 May 2016) — Guidance for the transition to the USAF’s Airman Battle Uniform (ABU) as a replacement for the Battle Dress Uniform (BDU).
Updated ABU Wear Instructions (24 October 2016) — Additional information for the wear of the ABU uniform, to supplement the transition guidance of 4 May 2016 above.
Ordering Uniform Insignia (Vanguard) — If the squadron supply doesn’t have what you need, you can order new insignia, uniforms, and accessories from CAP’s official supplier: Vanguard.
Ribbon Rack Builder — Select which cadet achievements and awards you’ve received and this app will automatically arrange your ribbons in the correct order of precedence. Double-check your ribbons!


These squadron policy letters are important and apply to all cadets unless otherwise approved by the Squadron Commander.

– There are no policy letters at this time –


Encampment – For information on New Hampshire & Vermont Wing’s annual summer training encampment for cadets, visit the encampment website.
Leadership Academies — See lists of upcoming leadership academies to strengthen your skills to take charge.
National Cadet Special Activities — Civil Air Patrol offers dozens of special activities every summer all around the country. Check out this summer’s offerings and how to apply.

Other Resources:

Drill & Ceremonies – Trying to master your drill moves? Check out all these drill resources including video lessons and cool drill competition clips.
Cadet Staff Handbook — Want to know more about being a cadet on staff? This guide explains in detail every position from what to do as an element leader all the way up to the cadet commander.
Respect on Display (Customs & Courtesies) — If you have questions about who to call “Sir, Sergeant, and Ma’am”, when to salute and the other formalities of wearing the Air Force uniform, read this CAP guide to customs & courtesies.
Cadet Programs Library — All sorts of publications and information on the cadet program from the National Headquarters Cadet Programs team.


Parents, check out our Parents Guide to CAP page, the CAP Parent’s Guide, and the CAP National Parents Page.

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