Requesting Civil Air Patrol Support

Civil Air Patrol can provide a variety of services, personnel, and capabilities to customers including to the Armed Forces, federal, state, and local governments, law enforcement, and many civilian agencies and organizations.

  • Defense Support to Civil Authorities (DSCA) including airborne imagery and communications support for counterdrug, homeland security, and disaster operations under Title 10 of the US Code.
  • Support to Military Commanders (SMC) including airborne imagery, low level surveys, low-slow intercept training, and range support.
  • Other missions to support local, state and federal agencies and organizations.

See our full CAP Capabilities Guide for more information.

Routine Mission & Support Requests

Contact Maj Brian Riis
Comm: (603) 738-9527

Emergency Mission & Support Requests

Contact CAP National Operations Center
24 hours a day, 365 days a year
DSN (Military):  493-7299, ext. 300
Toll Free:  (888) 211-1812, ext. 300
Comm:  (334) 953-3922, ext. 300 *Call the duty officer for time-sensitive emails after business hours.