Concord CAP Cadets Fly With NHANG

On 2 Aug 12, in News, by Lt Col Darin Ninness

Fourteen cadets and officers from Concord’s Civil Air Patrol took to the skies from Pease Air National Guard Base in Portsmouth this past week aboard an KC-135 refueling jet. About once a year, CAP cadets from Concord get an opportunity to fly in the sleek 1950s vintage refueling planes flown by the 157th Refueling Wing read more »

Concord Cadets Meet Astronaut Searfoss

On 5 May 12, in Cadets, News, by Lt Col Darin Ninness

Cadets from the Concord Composite Squadron were accorded a rare opportunity recently to meet a NASA astronaut. Cadets were in attendance at the McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center‘s Aerospacefest 2012 in Concord where retired NASA astronaut Colonel Rick Searfoss, a New Hampshire native, spoke and presented awards.