Squadron Leadership

Squadron Commander

Capt Geoff Saucier
Captain Geoff Saucier oversees and implements the functions of the senior (adult) members of the Concord Composite Squadron. Capt Saucier is technician-rated in Cadet Programs, and is also involved with Emergency Services and Communications. He is a graduate of Squadron Leadership School and the Training Leaders of Cadets Course.

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Deputy Commander for Senior Programs

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1st Lt Rizzi

Deputy Commander for Cadet Programs

1st Lt Mike Rizzi
1st Lt Rizzi currently oversees and implements the Civil Air Patrol Cadet Program in Concord. Lt Rizzi is a unit pilot and holds a Technican rating in Cadet Program. He was named the New Hampshire Wing Cadet Program Officer of the Year for 2017.

Capt J.R. Stephens

Aerospace Education Officer

Capt JR Stephens
Capt Stephens serves the squadron as Aerospace Education Officer as well as the coordinator for our Cyber Patriot team. Capt Stephens holds a technician-rating in both Aerospace Education & Logistics. He is a graduate of the Basic Officer’s Course and Squadron Leadership School.

Leadership Officer

2d Lt Mike Lally
Lt Lally is the squadron’s leadership officer, tasked with mentoring cadet officers and non-commissioned officers in matters of leadership and also implementing the squadron’s physical fitness training and tests.  He holds a Technician rating in Cadet Programs, along with assignments in Safety and Recruiting and Retention. He has attended 2 Summer Encampments. His decorations include the Civil Air Patrol Achievement Award.

Lt Col Lamontagne

Safety Officer

Lt Col Ron Lamontagne
As the squadron safety officer, Lt Col Lamontagne is responsible for the implementation of the CAP Safety Program at the unit level. He is also a former commander of the Concord Squadron.


Cadet Leadership

C/Capt Loll

Cadet Commander

C/Capt Elizabeth Saucier
Cadet Captain Saucier is the senior-ranking cadet for the squadron. As Cadet Commander, she supervises the cadets and mentors several cadet non-commissioned officers (NCO’s). She has been a cadet since 2012, earning the Gen Billy Mitchell Award in February 2016 and the Amelia Earhart Award in November 2016. Her training includes three New Hampshire Wing Encampments and the Region Cadet Leadership School. Her decorations include the Red Service Ribbon.

C/SMSgt Hillyer

First Sergeant

C/CMSgt Mark Sommer
Cadet Chief Master Sergeant Sommer serves as First Sergeant, the Cadet Squadron’s senior non-commissioned officer. Chief Sommer earned the Wright Brothers Award in December 2016 and has participated in the New Hampshire Wing Encampment at Norwich, earning the coveted Douglas Millet Encampment NCO Award for his efforts in in 2017. Chief Sommer joined Civil Air Patrol in March 2016.