Summer Encampment – Don’t Delay!

On 12 Jun 15, in News, by Lt Col Darin Ninness

Cadets, for those interested in Summer Encampment:


  1. Signup for Encampment at this link:–honor-guard-information.html
  2. Print out the forms from the above website, and complete the information (signatures required),
  3. Go to (you will have to sign-in to eServices) and complete the application for financial assistance.
  4. Bring the completed and signed forms from Step 2 into the Squadron Commander for his signature.

    NEW (STEP5)
  5. Bring your payment into the Squadron Commander before June 30th (see the revised costs below!)

The revised costs for encampment are as follows:

  • Basic Encampment- $300
  • NCOLS- $400
  • Honor Guard Academy- $255.


If you have applied to participate in Summer Encampment and need financial assistance, the unit can assist with some cost offset.  Please submit a letter to the Squadron Commander indicating your need.  The Squadron Senior Staff will review the information and award funds prior to encampment. Don’t delay!


The list of uniforms, clothing & equipment needed for encampment can be found here.  Print this list and start planning now how you will get the items needed. Contact 2nd Lt Stringer about uniform needs (BDUs, etc) now. Do not wait until the last minute. If you need more insignia (Nametapes, wing patches, etc) you can order them from Vanguard directly and cut down the time needed to get them!

Time is short. If you have a question, ask!