UH-60 Flight Participants

On 16 Oct 15, in Cadets, News, by Lt Col Darin Ninness

UH-60For those cadets & officers participating in the UH-60 flights next Thursday, 22 October, you must bring a completed CAPF161, Emergency Information, with you.  Print and complete the identifying and contact information (basically top & bottom of the form).  The Insurance and Physician Information is not required for this short activity.

**UPDATE**: Under the provisions of NGB Pamphlet 95-4, paragraphs 5-1l, 8-2, and 8-2a(4), a DD Form 1381, Air Transportation Agreement, is required for any non DoD personnel. You must complete this form, with signatures, and bring it with you on Thursday. Officers and cadets over the age of 18, you may sign this form yourself.  Cadets under the age of 18, your parents must sign and print their name to the right of the signature. This form is required. No form, no fly, no kidding!

Don’t forget, the uniform is BDUs or BCT uniform, and be sure you dress for the weather.  We will again meet at Wing HQ, 51 Airport Rd, between 1500 and 1515hrs to head over to the Aviation Support Facility.  Please be on time, as our schedule is tight and we don’t want to make our flight briefing late.  Bring your cameras!